About Us

GDespatchHub Malaysia Sdn Bhd (1210743-X) is a growing courier company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Established in 2015, we started out to build a business to accelerate change in courier services by challenging the status quo. We are driven by PASSION, VISION, and INNOVATION, to send parcels securely, safely, and reliably, both locally, and internationally.

We are a rapidly expanding company with a professionally stellar work culture, and par excellence deliverable in the courier industry. Infused with a service oriented spirit, we believe in making the process of using a courier service easy and convenient for our customers. Thus, with a strong client charter, we offer an affordable, reliable, and timely courier delivery service, utilizing a fast and real-time tracking technology that traces your packages from the time we receive it until it is safely handed over to the recipient. The benefits of a strong client charter are both intuitive and supported by social science.

With a combined total of 25 years’ experience in business development, IT, and courier services, we are not your average courier company. Our experienced and dedicated employees are empowered to provide excellent customer service that will be consistent when we represent your company. They have been carefully chosen and well trained in the ethics and best practices of service delivery. We understand that direct and clear communication is critical for a customer, and we assure you that there will never be a situation where you will speak to ten different people, throughout your interaction with us. The people you deal with will have a clear understanding of your business. What clearly differentiates us in the market place is the "behind the scenes support and attention to detail" you will receive from everyone in the organization.

Every service we offer is delicately monitored with traits of the latest technology, which is inclusive of, but not limited to a global positing system, both in transit and at destination reach. Our aim is to ensure that your parcels are delivered securely and safely. With established partnerships with some of the world's largest couriers, we have access to over 200 countries and territories worldwide.

As we are a strong propagator of the Kaizen work culture, we continuously normalize business processes to improve our delivery efficiency and customer satisfaction.


We love what we do. GDespatch Hub is more than just our name - it is our brand, and what we stand for today. GDespatch Hub is about changing delivery services for the better. We promise to share your happiness and satisfaction by passing the professional credibility and forte for delivering excellence. Our passion for delivering your parcel safely and securely will make us your ideal courier partner.

GDH Vision :

To build a courier and delivery services company that will be the first choice for anyone who wants to send a parcel, from both the corporate and non-corporate world, with an active presence all over Malaysia.

GDH Mission :

To establish a world class courier and delivery services with the highest quality of service and reliability, at very affordable rates.